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JYP Entertainment, TWICE -

Going back to 2015 when the stock market price of JYP Entertainment was 4,290KWD, far behind SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment. But now, August 2018, the stock market price of JYP Entertainment is over 30,000 KWD, a 7-fold increase. They have officially beat SM Entertainment to become the highest market price entertainment agency in Korea. So what happened in the past 3 years?

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Cardi B -

Let’s face it. Cardi B says controversial things on a regular basis - it’s practically part of her ‘charm’. But this time she might have blown it.

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Ariana Grande -

Ariana Grande took her sweet time when she took a break from music after the Manchester concert bombing incident that occurred last May. She went on a music hiatus due to the trauma and devastation, and she went low profile, only sharing things with fans and really close loved ones. ‘Sweetener’ was something she had been very consciously preparing for.

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BTS, Taylor Swift -

When BTS released “Fake Love” in May this year, they were at the peak of the huge BTS wave that shadowed the entire planet.

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Taylor Swift -

Taylor Swift is all about treasuring the moments. This time, she’s paired up with Fujifilm for a special-edition Instax camera, which will be released in October.

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