Why Ariana Grande’s ‘sweetener’ Album Is Her Best Yet, And What She Did Differently

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Why Ariana Grande’s ‘sweetener’ Album Is Her Best Yet, And What She Did Differently

Ariana Grande took her sweet time when she took a break from music after the Manchester concert bombing incident that occurred last May. She went on a music hiatus due to the trauma and devastation, and she went low profile, only sharing things with fans and really close loved ones. ‘Sweetener’ was something she had been very consciously preparing for.



Now, debuting at No. 1 on Billboard, we speak for all her listeners when we say that every single song on that album is a relatable anthem, and that’s what Ariana Grande does.

“This is a career-defining album for her, because it shows that she’s an artist willing to take risks and put her heart on her sleeve in her music,” says Sava Kotecha, co-executive producer of the ’Sweetener’ album.

According to Ariana Grande’s ‘Sweetener’ album’s co-executive producer Sava Kotecha, who also worked with Charlie Puth, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera, has talked about why this really put Ariana on a new level compared to her previous work. “I think the way she was able to do it this time, which is full lyrical honesty, adds another layer to those pop songs.” It’s not pop fluff - these are honest songs. “Breathin,” “No Tears Left to Cry” and “God is a Woman” is a statement. That was really important to her. She wanted to make sure that everything had meaning and honesty and truth to it.”

“I think it’s all a personal thing for artists. She’s a true artist and she wants to challenge her audience and push the limits of things. Even in her past repertoire, if you go back to the time when “Problem” was released, everyone expects a singer like Ariana, for example, to sing this huge, big hook, and dropping it into a whisper is itself a risky move… She’s always had a bit of pushing the limit a little bit, and this time, she sonically felt that she needed to go somewhere different and challenge the pop audience and take her fans on a journey… I think she’s earned that. She’s had enough hits in the world in the last few years. When artists have hits like that, of that magnitude, they earn the right to take their fans somewhere else. It’s perfect timing for her to do that.”


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