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Wanna One released a poster for the anniversary event, where they included a little code for the fans to decrypt for a surprise. The poster yesterday hinted [180807DK1592], and they have officially revealed that the meaning.

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Would you leave the show immediately after your idol finishes their performance, even when there is another performance going on? People are accusing Wannable (nickname of Wanna One’s fans) for lacking that etiquette at the 2018 Ulsan Summer Festival.

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Every month, the Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation will announce which idol group has achieved the highest brand value. Here is the top 5.   5. BlackPink Even though they’ve been mostly inactive throughout the month of May, the popularity of these girls haven’t gone down. We foresee a jump in the charts for them in June.   4. TWICE While they are busy developing their Japan market, Korea still pays a lot of attention to TWICE, making them the highest girl group on the chart   3.EXO No Comeback, no new stage, still the same EXO members being EXO members,...

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