New Bond Girls? No, Just TWICE’s New BDZ MV

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New Bond Girls? No, Just TWICE’s New BDZ MV

Maybe instead of reporting about TWICE’s new MV, you could say they just released a micro-movie, as it’s a 6-min long video with a whole narrative about rescuing the world!

The MV starts out with Sana, who walks through a fighting crowd exuding confidence.

Then they introduce the rest of the ladies plotting how they can save the world.

But even in a warzone, TWICE doesn’t use violent weapons, just their best ones: their pretty faces and funny quirks!

TWICE fanclub ONCE seem to be satisfied about the MV, as they get to see a different look on the girls. The song BDZ is the title of TWICE’s upcoming Japanese album, which is set to be released on September 12.

Image: TWICE BDZ Music Video

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