Could There Be A Next ‘BIGBANG’? YG Planning To Launch New Boy Group Reality Contest

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Could There Be A Next ‘BIGBANG’? YG Planning To Launch New Boy Group Reality Contest

There is no question that BIGBANG is YG Entertainment’s most prized possession. Although WINNER, iKON, and BLACKPINK are shouldering a lot of the agency’s success, YG’s profit has decreased compared to the period of BIGBANG’s reign.

That may attest to why YG is eagerly coming up with ways to form new girl and boy groups. According to an exclusive report on September 20, YG Entertainment is planning to launch a boy group competition series, following the format of “WIN: Who Is Next” and “MIX & MATCH”, which has previously formed WINNER and iKON respectively. But the show is not to be broadcasted on any TV platform––it will be aired through Naver TV. People are speculating the show’s release to be in November, before its female counterpart.

After the success of Produce 101, it is evident that boy groups coming from competition series can gain popularity within a short period of time. YG could use this opportunity to form a boy group that could fill in the void that BIGBANG left due to military service, but fans may not resonate.

If we were to go back to the competition series YG has held before (“WIN: Who Is Next” and “MIX & MATCH”), the sole objective of YG was that regardless of who won or lost, they will hold their debut in WINNER or iKON, and they can take turns to comeback, helping each other gain fans. But the reality is that fans of either group are considered rivals, believing their idols to be the best, and that others should not debut if they lose.

Will this be successful? Are we going to see a new BIGBANG?

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